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book our moomobile and be the hero of your next event. ready to get started?

take a peek at our moomobile menu for ice cream flavors, toppings and pricing:

to reserve the moomobile, you won’t need to make a deposit, but there will be a minimum charge for the moomobile to attend your event. the minimum charge is before gratuities.

the minimum charge is dependent on the day, time, location and duration of your event.  please note, you will be charged for the exact amount of ice cream that is ordered the day of the event or your event minimum, whichever amount is higher. a 20% gratuity will be added to your final bill.

sounding good so far? great!

now, just fill out this form and we’ll reply in-kind with our availability and the minimum charge.

**if you do not receive an email confirmation after you submit the form, it means your reservation inquiry was not submitted successfully. please try again.**