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sweet cow is about great tasting ice cream, made in small batches, with love and some of the finest, locally sourced ingredients around. always hand crafted on site and served fresh daily, we take milk, cream and sugar to the next level.

Sweet Cow Ice Cream | Moo Crew

••• Moo Crew •••

come into sweet cow and you will be greeted by the friendliest scoopers ready to share their big smiles. our attitude is contagious. it’s about the experience of walking into the barn door, the excitement, tasting a couple flavor samples and having the first bite. so grab a stool at the counter and soak up the fun.

••• Being Green •••

we believe in being green. using only compostable and recyclable products, we pride ourselves on being the cleanest ice cream shop on the planet.

Sweet Cow Ice Cream | Green Story