the scoop

the moo mobile hit the streets in july 2011, bringing everyone’s favorite sweet cow treats to their doorsteps and office parks. you will find us at birthday parties, company picnics, anniversaries, graduations, weddings and more!


how it works:

* take a peek at our moomobile menu listed below for ice cream flavors, toppings and pricing.  

* to reserve the moomobile, you won’t need to make a deposit, but there will be a minimum charge for the moomobile to attend your event. the minimum charge is before gratuities.

* our event minimums are dependent on the day, time, location and duration of your event.  you will be charged for the exact amount of ice cream that is ordered the day of the event or your event minimum, whichever amount is higher. a 20% gratuity will be added to your final bill.

sounding good so far?  fill out the form and we’ll reply in-kind with our availability and the minimum charge.  (the only way to get info about the moomobile is to fill out the form so click the link below and lets get this party started!)